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Do not risk your health! Master Plumbers protect the health of the nation.

At Tom's Plumbing our goal is to provide clients with dependable and functioning plumbing solutions which do not jeopardize the safety of their home or the health of their family. We deal with each client in a personal manner. Contacting Tom's Plumbing means you will be contacting the people who actually do the work, not receptionists or middle-men. Our Master Plumber and Backflow Prevention Specialist will ensure all work is done properly and up to code. We hold Master Plumber licensing and are fully insured to perform our trade.

Thinking of doing it yourself?

When our company performs a job, we guarantee that it will comply with the most up to date versions of the Ontario Building and Plumbing Codes. The Ontario Plumbing Code maintains standards for material and installation, but its main objective is the protection of public health. Someone without adequate knowledge of the code should not perform the plumbing trade.

An improper plumbing installation will not only work poorly and put your home in danger of flooding, but may expose your family or tenants to dangerous sewer gases and/or contaminated potable water.

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